We Are Looking For An Additional Person To Join Our Team…

Hi, My name is Larry Goins,

We have a large investing company that buys and sells single family residential properties in NC and SC.

We are looking to add one person to our team of inside sales reps called Acquisition Managers. As an Acquisitions Manager you will be answering the phone from and returning calls to property owners wanting to sell their house as is fast for cash. You have seen the ads and signs before. Well that’s what we do but we do it all over the phone. Yea sounds kind of odd doesn’t it?

My name is Larry Goins and I am a real estate investor and author. I flip houses and teach people how to flip houses too. I have written 2 books that are in bookstores everywhere. We have done hundreds of transactions over the last 34 years in 12 different states.

I don’t really care what industry you have been in as long as you have phone sales experience and can close and do it honestly and ethically and build a relationship with the customer. I will train you on how to evaluate each house and how to buy houses over the phone.
You will be up and running very fast.

Starting out you will gather information from the seller over the phone and determine if it is a qualified seller lead. If so you will transfer it to me live and I will close it (while you listen in) until you learn the business which will not take long.

You will learn by listening to me close the sale with the seller for you. You will still get paid your full commission. More on pay structure in a minute.

You will need to have a good work ethic and stay on the phone making calls. You must hit 150 dials or 3 hours of talk time daily. We dial out through our computer so all you have to do is click a mouse to dial.

This is a great unique opportunity for the right person.
We provide you with all of the tools necessary to become successful. Including but not limited to:
Leads, Office, desk, phone, computer, website, CRM, motivated seller leads, support staff and weekly training.

You will earn 10% on the profit of the sale and our average sale profit is $15,000. So the average commission would be $1,500.

We will pay you minimum wage OR 10% of the profit of each deal whichever is more. In other words, if you earn no commission then you are at least making minimum wage. But if you earn commissions that total more than minimum wage then you will receive the commission. If you are happy with minimum wage please do not even apply.

Just 3 closings a month at $15,000 each is $4,500 per month which is $54,000 per year. You will have 90 days to prove yourself.

As an Acquisitions Manager in your first year you should earn $36,000 – $54,000 or more as some have.
That is just 2-3 closings per month. In your second year you should do much better.

You must be honest, ethical, dependable, motivated and able to work and play well with others. No drama!

You also must be coachable. I will teach you how the real estate business works and how to value properties so you know how much to offer for a property.

You do NOT need any real estate experience.

We have a great culture, core values and a mission statement.

If you are looking for a home with a family type atmosphere then you need to respond to this ad.

We work hard but we play hard too. We keep track of KPI metrics to help you stay on track and know if you are putting in the effort needed but we also make it a fun atmosphere.

Google my name and if you are a top closer with a strong work ethic and can back it up, then fill out the form and tell me why we should consider you. DO NOT apply if you do not tell me why I should consider you.

Contact me direct at 803-831-2857

FYI, here are our core values and mission statement…

Our Core Values:
1. We get results, period!
2. Grow or die!
3. Do the right thing!
4. Be authentic!
5. Work hard, stay ambitious!
6. Team player, start to finish!

Our Core Focus:
Creating a positive impact on people’s lives.
Educating people on becoming financially independent through real estate, providing affordable housing and creating real estate investment opportunities.

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Acquisitions Manager

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